Simbalbara Sanctuary

The great variety of flora and fauna in Himachal Pradesh has been drawing wildlife enthusiasts, photographers, bird watchers and adventure freaks to its green heights since long. With 32 Sanctuaries, 2 National Parks and 3 Games Reserves to boast of, the wildlife in Himachal is worth more than a peep. The forests in Himachal harbors 64 species of mammals, 463 species of birds, 43 species of reptiles and 516 species of aquatic fauna teeming among over 3240 species of plants. The Simbalbara Sanctuary in Himachal Pradesh is a major wildlife destination in Himachal Pradesh.

Simbalbara Sanctuary:
The Simbalbara sanctuary is located in the Paonta Valley of Sirmaur district in Himachal Pradesh on the lower hill of Shiwalik ranges in Indian Himalayas. Simbalbara wildlife Sanctuary provides shelter to animals like the Goral, Sambhar, Chittal, Spotted dear and many more distinct animals. This sanctuary is a bright example of the attempts to conserve wildlife by the Himachal Tourism Department. Forested by Sal trees and grassy glades, the sanctuary offers interestingly adventurous and picturesque trekking tracks alongside the gurgling stream.

Best Time to Visit:
To make the most of the scenic experience and enjoyment you should visit Simbalbara Sanctuary between the month of October and February.

Accommodation Facilities:
For the comfort and convenience of tourists the Himachal Pardesh government has build a rest house near the wildlife sanctuary, which comprises all sorts of facilities and amenities.