Pin Valley Park

  pin valley park  
Situated in the Spiti sub division of the Lahaul and Spiti district in Himachal Pradesh, the Pin Valley National Park came into being in January 1987. The landscape of the park is desert like and the altitudinal variation, which ranges from 3500 to 6000 mts make it a place ideal for flora and fauna typical of mountainous regions. The park offers its visitors opportunities to spot the rare snow leopard and other highly endangered animal and bird species.

Most of the areas in the park remain inaccessible during winters and the temperature may plummet to as low as minus 32 degrees in Jan-Feb. July and August are the hot months when temperatures may climb to around 30 degrees. The months of April and May are best for observing wildlife when the animals come down to the lower regions of the park.

Wildlife Attractions in Pin Valley National Park
Because of the harsh climatic conditions, the park has sparse vegetation with Herbaceous and shrub growth dominating the flora. More than 400 species of plants are believed to be found in the area which also include some rare medicinal plants. The amazing view of white flower covered valleys in summer is a spectacle worth watching.

The park presents excellent opportunities for bird lovers owing to the thin vegetation and the sparse forest cover. Some of the commonly seen birds in and around the area include goldfinch, gold-fronted finch, brahminy myna, grey wagtail, yellow headed wagtail, yellow billed chough, horned lark and Himalayan griffon.

The park is home to mammals like the Ibex, Bharal, Snow Leopard, Red Fox, Tibetan Wolf, Marmot and Woolly Hare.