About 200 kms away from Shimla is the strikingly beautiful district of Kinnaur, where the icy waters of the river Sutlej and its tributaries have carved deep gorges through the high ranges. The landscape varies from the lush green orchards of the picturesque Sangla valley of the stark magnificence of the Hangrang valley.

Kinnaur, the north - eastern frontier district of Himachal Pradesh is a secluded region, rugged and mountainous and lies on both the banks of the Sutlej. It commands uniqueness on account of peculiarities of language, history and natural phenomenon. The erstwhile Chini tehsil, which during the princely regime, was a part of the Bushahar State, adjoins western Tibet along the Zanskar mountains.

Legendary Kinners, as a distinct race, somewhere between human beings and birds or with a human body and the head of a horse or vice versa. The epics describe them as heavenly musicians or celestial choisters. Such creatures are supposed to inhabit a semi - celestial region high in the Himalayas where earthly saints who have attained perfection consort with super - humen beings. They are great singers and dancers and they depict sorrows of their hard life in singing and dancing. More than a hundred festivals are celebrated in a year. It is believed that Pandavas spent here some time during exile in Kinnaur and from here they moved towards the Kailash Parvat.