Chandertal Lake

Surrounded by Himalayas, it is said that the Chandaertal Lake was made by the Glaciers of the Himalayas. For the same reason, it is also called as Chandra Glacier. On the route of Lahul Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh, is located the main slopes of Himalayas. This Glacier is separated from Bara Shigri Glacier. The deep blue Chander Tal Lake has a circumference of 205 kms. Due to the reflection of Moon falling on the Lake, this Lake is also called as Chander Tal Lake. The other name given to this beautiful natural lake is - Lake of the Moon.

Due to the height at which it is situated and the nearness to the Himalayas, the Chander Tal Lake remains completely frozen in the winters. As per Hindu Mythology, Chander Tal Lake is the place where God Indras Chariot took the eldest Pandava Brother - Yudhishtra (of Mahabharata) to Heaven in his Mortal Form.

The Chander Tal Lake begins with the Steep Climb. You might find some of the Garadiyas moving along their flocks before this steep walk. Another bend and you will think this is a illusion till you yourself touch the cool blue waters of the Chander Tal Lake.

What drives people to Chandartal lake - the natural beauty, the peace and the azure blue waters. There is nothing around but the stillness as if the nature has come to a halt. Sitting here takes you a world which you have never seen before, being here brings the magic of life back to you. There is something incomparable in Chandertal Lake.